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How to Sogang: Level 3 Summary

This will talk about how the classes are organized, what you learn in the third session, and what the midterm and final exams will entail.



The Brave, Little Ninja Goes to School in South Korea: Week 22 & 23

These weeks I went to a Lego cafe, popped by AIE, struggled with buying contacts, and got my hair cut.


How to Sogang: Visa

This is the second part of my mini blog series to help you navigate the process of going to Sogang University’s KLEC General Korean (KGP200).

I’m trying to write this blog so that it will help everyone—not just others from the US, but the visa process is different from country to country and I can only speak for the process as a US citizen. So I apologize that this post might not be as helpful to non-Americans.