The Brave, Little Ninja Teaches in South Korea Round 2: Intermission 1


  • I will return to Korea on Feb 27th on a tourist visa.
  • I will return to the US on Nov 17th
  • I will not be able to become a career missionary in South Korea.
  • God can use me anywhere and always has a plan.
  • Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

As I mentioned in my latest post, the director of the missionary training center has applied for my religious visa for me in Korea. However, it was rejected again.

After further investigation, it turns out I do not qualify for the work study visa because it has been more than 1 year since I graduated university, and after seeing what my schedule would look like trying to go on a student visa and do language school again, I kept coming back to the frustrating conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill all my responsibilities to OMS and the training center that way—my whole purpose for being there.

That is why I decided it was best to come on a tourist visa and renew it every three months by visiting my friend in Japan for a weekend whenever it would expire and then return to Korea.

Unfortunately, because I don’t have plans to marry a Korean or become a pastor, it looks like I will not become a career missionary and upon returning to the US in November, will have to find other work.

I hope to return to Korea on my own for AIE in the summers if I can, but that’s up to God and whatever He has planned for me next.

And although this door is closing, I will at least know it is closing. This means I can consciously and intentionally make my farewells and do some bucket list things while I’m there.

I’m eager to see where God will be leading me next so please

  • Pray that I am in the moment while I am there and that I am intentionally engaging the whole time.
  • Pray that I end this season of my life well and say goodbye thoroughly.
  • Pray that I have my eyes and ears open to wherever God is leading me next.
  • Pray that I be excited throughout this period of change and handle every aspect with a positive attitude.

Thank you.


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