My name is Alecia Bonson.

I was first called a “ninja” when I was in high school. My friends wanted to find a way to boost my confidence about my being so quiet—like a ninja. I sort of took the title and owned it. Not only did I become incredibly easy to shop for, it became a model of who I wanted to be: a courageous warrior who took her lot in life and ran with it.

Naming my blog was easy after reflecting on that.

So welcome to my blog! The blog of me: the brave, little ninja.


Photo credit: my friend, Corrie Thompson



  1. Thank you sooo much for your blog and all your help ! I’m going to go to Korea for one year to study Korean. I would like to start taking classes in September and I planned to register at Sogang University too 🙂 Your blog is very helpful ❤


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