Welcome to the travel blog starring The Brave, Little Ninja and Alecia.

This Blog’s Purpose: This is mostly a travel blog for Alecia’s family and friends that want to keep up with her while she’s overseas, but we’re more than happy to bring anyone who stumbles upon our blog along on the journey with us.

The Brave, Little Ninja

  • Born: an OfficeMax in Indianapolis, Indiana near the checkout line
  • Family: One younger sister (who is also a string ninja)
  • Current Residence: Alecia’s pocket
  • Job: being in all the photos so Alecia doesn’t have to
  • Hobbies: Traveling, taking pictures, hiding and giving Alecia a heart attack


  • Education: 2016 Taylor University, BS in Professional Writing, TESOL Certification
  • Family: two loving parents and an awesome little brother
  • Current residence: Seoul, South Korea
  • Job: Writing the blog because she has opposable thumbs
  • Hobbies: traveling, singing, writing, blogging, learning languages


Photo credit: Alecia’s friend, Corrie Thompson



  1. Thank you sooo much for your blog and all your help ! I’m going to go to Korea for one year to study Korean. I would like to start taking classes in September and I planned to register at Sogang University too 🙂 Your blog is very helpful ❤


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