How to Sogang: Retests

This post addresses what happens when you take a retest.

What Qualifies You for a Retest?

  • At Sogang, you have five tests: 4 written (speaking, writing, listening, reading) and 1 verbal (interview)
  • If you fail only one of the written tests, you qualify for retaking that test. If you fail the interview only or if you fail more than one of the written tests, you will not be allowed a retest and will simply fail the level.
  • It should also say on your report card whether you qualify for not.



If your report card looks like this and says “retake” under the “next level” section, you qualify to take a retest.

Where and When?

  • Your teacher will tell you where and when your retest is on graduation day, but if you are performing or for some reason can’t attend, they also hang the list up in the hallway on the 7th floor. If you are unsure, ask the office or message your teacher.
  • If you have to retake the writing, reading, or speaking test, you will be in one of the bigger rooms with people from all levels.
  • If you are retaking the listening test, you are assigned to a small classroom with only those from your level because you’ll have to listen to audio recordings.

How Does the Retest Go?

  • The retests are given to make sure that you didn’t fail the test just because you took the test poorly.
  • The retest is very similar to the final exam with a few identical questions overlapping, but in general it’s just slightly different.
  • The teacher will go through the test slower and give you more time to answer.

When Do You Know the Results?

  • Unlike the final exam where you had to get a 70% to pass, you have to get an 80% on your retest to pass.
  • If you do pass, you will earn a flat 70% for that subject.
  • You will get an email the next day or you can check for them to update your report card on your “mypage” on the website yourself.

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