How to Sogang: Graduation

This post will talk about what to expect during graduation at the end of every semester.

It seems that the building used for graduation as well as whether you meet with your teachers in your classroom to look at your final exams first or go to the actual graduation ceremony first changes semester to semester, so you’ll just need to pay attention to what your teacher says for the order of things.

Quick Facts:

  • You don’t need to dress up.
  • You won’t go on stage unless there’s a very specific circumstance.
  • There are 2 graduation ceremonies: 1 for the morning classes and 1 for the afternoon classes (you only attend the one for your class)
  • Every level attends even though only the level 6 students are the only ones really “graduating”

Why Show Up?

  • Attending is not mandatory, but
    • you will get to see your final exams
    • you will likely make a small something for your classmates (for level 2 and 3 that I attended, we each had pieces of paper with our names on them and people wrote encouraging messages on them for everyone)
    • your teacher will likely give you at least a snack if not take the class out to eat
    • they will definitely take class pictures
    • if you have had perfect attendance, you will receive a gift

What Happens at Actual Graduation?

  • Most of the beginning of the graduation is a lot of formalities
    • An important person from the university gives a speech.
    • The best student from each level is selected and is given a gift on stage.
    • The level 6 students (the ones wearing the hanbok), will go up on stage and get gifts for graduating the entire program.
  • After that, there are student performances
    • Students can give speeches
    • Students can sing Korean songs
    • There is a performance by the Kpop dance club

If you are performing,

  • You will probably not be able to meet with your class to look over your final exams
  • If you are in the dance club, you will have to attend both the morning and afternoon graduation ceremonies. If you are singing or anything else, you just need to perform for your own graduation. (If you are in the morning classes, you will only perform for the morning graduation.)
  • You will need to show up a little early (ten-fifteen minutes) to go through a sound check.

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