The Brave, Little Ninja Goes to School in South Korea: Weeks 36 & 37

Sogang had a festival of food, Seoul had a festival of lanterns, and we went to Chuncheon.

Friday Nov 3 was the day of the Sogang Korean Learners Program foreign food festival. Each class got to choose a food, prepare, and sell it at this festival in a common area of campus, and whatever money we got, we got to keep and later use to go out to eat as a class. Our class made bubble tea (tea with tapioca pearls inside it) and cupcakes. I was tasked with putting together a quick video advertisement for our food stand.


Here’s our stall. It’s it cute?

During the actual festival itself, I helped out by going with one of my other classmates around the festival with a tray of our bubble tea and cupcakes as a mobile unit. Our class worked really hard and is really creative. Overall, it was a really fun day.


Look how beautiful these are!


At the end of the festival, everyone got a hot pack. And there was one stall giving away free EXO (kpop group) photo cards if you bought something.

Saturday, Sydney, Luke, and I hung out. We went to KFC, and then went to the Shinsegae store in Gangnam to look for the newly opened Kit Kat store we heard about. Because that’s the logical thing to do to spend a Saturday. Now Shinsegae is a huge mall basically and has lots of duty free stuff. So we had to do a lot of wandering before we found the Kit Kat store. We ended up at this cafe that was literally called the Chocolate Bar. We of course had to try it out. I got a hot chocolate, Luke got a shake, and Sydney got strawberries with chocolate to dip them in. It was amazing.


We did end up finding the Kit Kat store after lots of searching around. Luke ended up buying one small one just for the heck of it.


If you feel like spending about $3.22 on a single Kit Kat stick, you have come to the right place.

After that, we went to the Seoul Lantern Festival. This is an annual festival where people obviously make lanterns. This year’s theme was the olympics since Seoul is hosting. It felt a lot like going to see Christmas lights displays back in the US.





After church on Sunday, Sydney and I went to Itaewon to go to a write-in for NaNoWriMo. Now NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel-Writing Month, and it takes place each November world-wide. The goal is to write 50,000 words within one month, and if you sign up on the website, you can join up with your “region” and they’ll let you know if there are any events in your area. There was a good number of us at the write-in—about 12 of us. So they set it up where we would have 15-minute “word wars” in which you wrote as much as you could within 15 minutes, then there was a 10-minute break. It was fun but mentally exhausting. It was really cool to see how many people showed up in Seoul of all places.


Everyone who attended got this fun sticker.


Sunday at lunch, we went to a Pho restaurant we hadn’t been to before.


So Monica and her boyfriend found this new, awesome chicken delivery place. They deliver the chicken in a box that looks like an expensive purse! I love Korea.

On Friday, there was a table set up on campus by the Sogang Chinese Student Association. These were not students in the language program but actual Sogang students who were Chinese. They were promoting their Facebook page, and if you “liked” it, they would give you a free BTS (kpop group) album. They didn’t even mind that I was clearly not Chinese and obviously only doing it for the free CD. There was even a girl who explained how to like their page in perfect English. So that was awesome.


My free CD!

Later that day, I met up with Sydney, Luke, and two of the people from last year’s AIE (the English camp I was a part of when I first came to Korea). We had dinner and caught up. It was nice to talk with them and hear how their lives are going.


While we were there, we ate Honey Butter Toast at a coffee shop because Sydney had a coupon. It’s basically a really sweet french toast.

Saturday, was 빼빼로 (Pepero) Day. Now pepero (or “pocky” if you’re more familiar with the Japanese version) is a little cracker stick with melted chocolate on it. (There are lots of other versions like ones with coconut flakes or strawberry flavored chocolate too.) They’re super cheap and sell for about a dollar a box unless you’re getting some sort of mega-pack or super fancy kind.


The ninjas with their 빼빼로!

Now on Pepero Day, you give a box of pepero to friends and family. It’s kind of like a platonic Valentine’s Day. So I got Luke and Sydney (and myself) a box to eat as we were adventurous with our Saturday and went out east about an hour to a place called Chuncheon.




Chuncheon is famous for having really beautiful scenery especially in the fall and for having the best-tasting 닭갈비 (a spicy, stir-fried chicken). We rented bikes and biked along the lake for what ended up being about five miles roundtrip. We of course stopped along the way lots of times to take pictures and get coffee and such. It was a really fun and relaxing day.




Monday, I led the weekly prayer meeting. This is the second time I’ve gotten to lead it. I think I did okay. This was also the day I got a fun birthday package from my grandma!


I’m probably one of few people who would get excited about getting Christmas socks for my birthday.

This Friday is my first final—the writing final. The writing midterm was the only one that I passed, so this final is probably my lowest priority. My other finals are the Monday and Tuesday after that, and graduation is that next Wednesday. So by the time I give you the next blog post, I will have finished my third semester of language school. (If I will pass my third semester at language school remains to be seen.)

I will also be heading to Japan for visa purposes again. I’ll be leaving the 24th and be back the 27th. So the next blog post will probably be a little late. Just to let you know in advance.

Please continue to pray for my grandparents as my grandpa is out of the hospital, but he has a long road to recovery.

Thank you for reading!

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