The Brave, Little Ninja Goes to England: Week 16

This week I found out that I wasn’t as good at baking as I thought, and I had to say goodbye to my wonderful church family. And just…Dubsmash.

Mon: Because of the obnoxious about of money we got on our meal cards that will go to waste if we don’t spend it, Sydney and I started treating our friends to free lunches and dinners (and snacks and snacks for later just in case) in an effort to spend it all before we have to go. Lucky Fish is also planning on filming a video that is inspired by our performance video. I’m not sure if I should call it a music video or not, but it’s going to be fun.

Tues: We closed down the lunch rush with Lucky Fish again. Then, that evening, we went to Cosmo with the people who were involved with the cultural event where we danced. Cosmo is a buffet and they had sushi so you know what I got. We also took like a bunch of pictures on the way back and showed off our inner divas.

Wed: I saw Yuka-chan off at the train station along with Sydney and the girl from my Japanese class whose house I went to study at. I’m going to miss her a lot!

Thurs: Julia and Charnell (Sydney had portfolios to do) had last meeting with Lis. We were so grateful that she was patient with us and was willing to listen to me rant and tangent. It was like a therapy session for me and totally necessary. Lis was awesome, and I wish I was able to get to know her better. I could see us four being an awesome and supportive small group. Maybe when we get back to Taylor, the four of us should continue meeting as a small group though I wish we had an adult leader to help us.

Fri: Sydney and I ate lunch with Julia and Charnell, and I finished both of my final portfolios. While not much happened, it was a big weight off my shoulders. Queue Vitas.

Sat: I made cupcakes (…sort of) with the girls of Lucky Fish at one of the girls’ houses. You’d think between me, Sydney, Mardi, Tracy and her three housemates, one of us would be able to cook, but apparently not. Over the course of an hour we managed to ruin a whole thing of cream cheese, scream in mutual terror at the discovery of a different, moldy container of cream cheese, and create almost inedible frosting even though there are only three ingredients in the recipe. After managed to concoct about twelve things that had some sort of semblance to cupcakes, we went to deliver them to all the Lucky Fish boys we could track down.

After that we went back to Mardi’s and Phoebe’s house. And it was there, on that momentous day that I was introduced to Dubsmash. I’m pretty sure I can say my life changed at that moment. Oh, yeah! Mardi’s cat was the nicest cat I’ve ever been in contact with. It actually liked being petted! Despite never not having a cat in my house, I’ve never met anyone’s cat who liked people. I could certainly become a crazy cat lady if I had cats like that one.

Sun: The fantastic four went to church in the morning and also the evening service. We watched one of the Angolan boys we’ve been getting to know get baptized. It was our last Sunday there, and it was very sad to say goodbye to the people who had welcomed me so warmly. When they said that if I ever came back I could stay with them, I knew they meant it.

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