The Brave, Little Ninja Goes to England: Week 15

This week I lip synced to k-pop and ate lunch again with people from church. I can feel the days slipping through my fingers, and I’m not sure if I want them to go by faster or if I want time to stop.

This week was a work week. Bleh. But on the upside, we finally got a Language Society youtube channel and our performance from last week went up on it! Because it is the Language Society, the video has translation subtitles in English and Spanish. And the English translations are probably more accurate than most of the ones you’ll find of the songs other places because one of the members, Tino, is learning Korean online and asked his tutors. So there. Languages are awesome!

Thursday, my Japanese portfolio had to be completed which consisted of an essay in English about Japan, an essay in Japanese, and two more Japanese videos. I also had an oral test on Thursday which was incredibly terrifying. So Sydney and I did lip-sync videos for our youtube channel instead. Isn’t that what everyone does?

We made two but here is one.

If you go to our channel you can see more lip-syncing and other randomness.

Oh, yeah. You’re probably wondering how I did on the oral test. I was the first one to go which shouldn’t have mattered because you can’t talk to each other about the test after you’ve taken it, but I just hate going first, you know? At lunch, we ran into three of the ladies from church, and they prayed for me before my test. I would say that it was unnecessary, but, as they reminded me, God cares about every aspect of our lives—no matter how small. It must have worked because I never had a point where I just couldn’t come up with something to say during the test, and it was more relaxed than I thought it would be. I think I did fairly well. Now all that’s left is to wait to get the marks back.

I also hung out with Lucky Fish alot. We’re not practicing a dance anymore, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hang out. Besides, I only have a little time left with them so I want to make the most of my time. I’m really going to miss them.

Sunday, I went to church, and the service was wonderful. It was family Sunday which meant that we only had a short sermon and just prayed and sang the rest of the time—a “sing and pray” in Taylor terms. Many of the songs we sang were a combination of church favorites—to which the congregation enthusiastically belted in harmonies—and ones that we would frequently sing in chapels at Taylor which washed me over with a sense of warm nostalgia. I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately, and it was nice just to be reminded that God is God no matter where I am.

After church, Julia, Charnell, and I were invited to a couple from church’s house again to eat. It was so relaxing and the food was wonderful. We played a fun board game and then just talked until it was time to go to the evening service. The evening service was even more reminiscent of a Taylor chapel because of the amount of Chris Tomlin songs we sang. There was one that they had evidently just learned and said they were a little shaky on the words still, but all us Taylor girls looked at each other and proceeded to own the song. The lesson for that night was about how we are all adopted into God’s family, and that’s exactly what I felt like at this church. They were so warm and welcoming, and I’m sure that finding that place was a God thing in itself. I’m still in awe over how God places people in each others’ paths at just the right time. Let it never be said that God never takes care of me or knows what I need.

Speaking of that, I was able to call my mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday. The phone app that I’ve been using while here has been very unreliable for anything other than texting. It was to the point where it would cut out after I could only hear my mom say a couple words. However, they changed the internet in the dorms. I decided to risk it, and it worked wonderfully! I was able to not only talk to my mom, dad, and brother for the first time in a month, I was able to do so for an extended period of time! Thank God! I love them all so much!

School is sort of over because I don’t have any lectures to attend anymore, but I do have my final two portfolios left to do. It’s very strange for me, and I think that’s probably why I’m a little homesick. I don’t have classes to go to so I’m just kind of like, “What am I still doing here?” I’m use to packing everything in my dorm room into my tiny Chevy the night before my last final and leaving the next day the second I finish my test in a fevered joy, tires squealing. But then, I am also going to miss the friends I’ve made here, and I want to spend as much time as I can with them before I have to leave and probably never see them again.

This is going to be a hard next couple weeks….

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